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Disclaimer UK

Disclaimer UK

These general conditions apply to all services we provide ourselves or through our online partners, via E-mail, SMS or telephone. By visiting our websites, view the pages, and participate, you acknowledge you have read and understand these terms and conditions, disclaimer and our privacy policy as found on

These pages, the content, their online infrastructure, and the online service of the website(s) which are owned, managed and offered by NC and/or through our partners are provided solely for your personal use.

NC collects consumer information for marketing purposes for itself and for its partners. The entered information is recorded in a file (database) owned by NC.

Through our website(s) we offer the possibility to obtain information about (temporary) promotions, including but not limited to savings, offers, and discounts from our partners via mail, email, phone, text, banners and all other forms of digital marketing. For this purpose we supply your data to our partners after your active consent. For what the data is used specifically, can be revised on the partner’s privacy policy. We will supply your data only if you have made an explicitly communicative approach on the website to obtain more information, either through a general opt-in or through a partner-specific opt-in.

The composition of the information shown on your screen from our websites includes data and content based on information that our partners have enabled for us. We pay great attention and care in the offering of our services, but we cannot always verify this information. Transmission errors (including obvious misprints) may occur. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the information shown on our website(s).

We are not associated with or affiliated with the companies owning the products we state as “prizes” to win. We make use of publicly available images and content.

We accept no liability for damage resulting from actions or decisions based on information on this site. Nor damage caused by the use of third-party websites to which the website is linking to.

For questions or comments regarding this disclaimer please contact us via For all other inquiries please consult with  

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